PT for Kids Westchester

Can Your Child Benefit From Pediatric PT?

PT for Kids Westchester for infants and children can encompass many situations, from infants with Torticollis to teens who have had scoliosis surgery. There are a few reasons why a pediatrician would recommend Physical Therapy 4 Kids Westchester for your child.

What is Torticollis?

Some babies are born with shortness in a muscle of the neck, causing them to have difficulty holding their head up or turning their heads. This condition is called Torticollis and can be treated with physical therapy. Treating Torticollis is just one specialty in which Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT at Physical Therapy 4 Kids in Westchester, NY, has extensive training. The Ins and Outs of Physical Therapy for Torticollis Wendy has more than 30 years of experience in treating and working with children who have required physical therapy for a wide array of reasons.
Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT also treats:
  • -Prematurity: often preemies have difficulty with infant coordination and physical milestone
  • -Dystonia: muscle dysfunction as seen in muscular dystrophies
  • -Cerebral palsy and other issues involving spasticity
  • -Juvenile arthritis
  • -Amputations
  • -Cancer
  • -Genetic muscular and orthopedic diseases
  • -Scoliosis in infants, children, and teens
Wendy will treat your child with the same compassion and care as you would. Partly because she’s a parent herself and partly because she loves children and loves to help them. She is thoughtful, patient, and well educated in several areas of pediatric physical therapy. Wendy Kaplan-Lager, PT at, works closely with pediatricians and other caregivers your child sees. She is experienced in neurodevelopmental training and assessing children with comprehensive examinations.
Specifically, she looks for:
  • -balance
  • -walking
  • -ability to move head and neck age appropriately
  • -coordination of limbs
  • -symptoms of scoliosis, the lateral curvature of the spine
She has helped thousands of children after cancer surgery or trauma that has resulted in amputation. She has experience with helping children use braces, prosthetics and other devices that improve and assist mobility and coordination. Wendy is a health care provider who cares about every aspect of your child’s development and celebrates milestones with you. She does this while entertaining the child and making it a fun, positive experience. Her main concerns are your main concerns: making sure your child can live with a disability be it temporary or ongoing. A great reason to choose Physical Therapy 4 Kids is that Wendy will teach you, the parents and caregivers who spend the most time with your child, how to perform the exercises at home. All physical therapy works best when it’s done on a regular basis. Contact us today for an appointment.